Tai Wai Small Animal and Exotic 24 Hour Hospital is the only Hospital in Hong Kong that is designed to provide full 24 hour emergency facilities for your exotic pets (as well as cats and dogs) including having a veterinarian in the Hospital 24 hours a day, as well as 24 hour nursing care.

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Tai Wai Small Animal and Exotic Hospital

We opened in Tai Wai in 1997 and are extremely proud at how our Hospital has grown over the years. It was our aim to offer the best service, both medical and surgical for cats, dogs as well as all the exotic pets that we love. We were very happy to be able to offer a 24 hour service in 2014 to provide the highest level of care to the pets staying in our Hospital and to provide emergency care to any cats, dogs and exotics that suddenly became ill.

As we have a number of very experienced exotic vets working at Tai Wai we operate as a 'referral hospital' for other veterinarians who don't have the advanced knowledge or facilities to allow them to be able to provide proper care to exotic pets.

Tai Wai Small Animal and Exotic Hospital

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We are open 24 hours, 7 days per week including public holidays.

75 Chik Shun Street 
Tai Wai, Shatin, 
N.T. Hong Kong 

Tel: 2687 1030

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