​Dr Phillip Cheung

​Dr Phillip Cheung

Dr Philip spent his childhood growing up in Hong Kong and Toronto, Canada. It was the frequent visits to the Toronto zoo where he developed his strong interest in animals. After finishing secondary school in Hong Kong he left for Canada again to begin his tertiary studies at Queen’s University where he earned a Bachelors of Science degree with Honours in 2007, majoring in Biology. After graduation he returned to Hong Kong and joined a busy small animal veterinary practice as a veterinary assistant. In 2009 Dr Philip left Hong Kong for Australia to begin his veterinary studies at the University of Queensland. He then graduated in 2013 with his Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree. Over the years Dr Philip has kept turtles, tortoises, fish, and a cat as pets and has a keen interest in small animal as well as exotic animal medicine. He joined Tai Wai Small Animal and Exotic Hospital in 2014 so he could develop further skills with exotic animals. When he is not working, you can find him on the tennis courts, at the beach or wandering among the many hills of Hong Kong. He also spends a lot of time playing with his partner’s dog, Bou Bou.


The Vets

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Veterinary Director

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Managing Director

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Senior Veterinarian

​Dr. Zoltan Szabo

Dr Med Vet, Dipl ABVP (ECM) GP Cert (ExAP), MRCVS
Senior Veterinarian, Registered Specialist

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DMV, MSc (EBHC), GPCert (ExAP), PhD, Dipl.ECZM (Herp) Registered Specialist

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BVMS, Associate Veterinarian

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