Cliff joined our Team at the beginning of 2011 and completed his AIRC Cert II qualification in 2012, and he is currently studying for his Cert IV to become a Qualified Veterinary Nurse. Cliff has a great interest in reptiles and enjoys researching and identifying the more unusual types that are brought into our Hospital for treatment. Because of his interest and experience with reptiles the vets like to use Cliff to explain the complicated husbandry set up that many reptiles need. The clients like Cliff because he is knowledgeable and handsome ! Cliff owns terrapins, tortoises, gecko and breeds Blue tongued skink, but his favorite pet is his Chinese Crested dog 'Bruce'.( who is not quite as handsome as Cliff, but nearly)


The Nurses and Vet Assistants


BSc (hons) RVN
Veterinary Nurse


​Cert IV (QVN)​
Veterinary Nurse


Cert IV (QVN) Cert VNES (exotics)
Veterinary Nurse


​Cert IV (VN) Cert VNES (exotics)
​Hospital Manager / Veterinary Nurse


Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert IV (QVN)
​Veterinary Nurse

​ Ronnie

Cert II
​Veterinary Assistant


Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert II
​Veterinary Assistant


Cert II
​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert IV ​Veterinary Assistant


Cert IV Veterinary Assistant


Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant

Na Na

Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert II Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert II Veterinary Assistant


Studying Cert II Trainee Veterinary Assistant


BSc (Hons)
Veterinary Nurse