Over the years we have grown from only Dr Tiger and one vet assistant to the 9 full-time vets and 40+ support staff we now have.

Meet the team


Carrie joined Tai Wai as a Vet Assistant in June 2010 and had previously worked in the veterinary industry for over two years previously . She enjoys working with animals, especially cats. Carrie completed her AIRC Cert IV in 2014 to become a fully qualified Veterinary Nurse, she then went on to complete her Certificate in Veterinary Nursing of Exotic Species in 2015.

In her spare time she enjoys reading books and watching good films. At home Carrie has 5 naughty cats, who keep her busy wanting to play and needing grooming. Her favorite one is Meh Meh, who only has one eye! Carrie loves her because she had so many medical problems before and now she is healthy and strong after her care.